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The power of people is immense. The right people can take a company to the top of its industry. The wrong ones can bring a firm to its knees. Peak performance is no longer based on what you do and who you know – it’s who you hire – so you better get it right the first time.


Sentigy’s human capital group takes a professional service approach that gives you more than just outsourced recruiting and executive search. We help you optimize your hiring processes so that finding the right people for your organization becomes faster, easier, more cost-effective and more manageable.


Project Based Recruiting

In recruiting, time is of the essence. You need the right people and you need them now. When your goals are ambitious, requiring an immediate link of people and performance, Sentigy can expedite the process of acquiring top talent. While you maintain your focus on day-to-day operations, we’ll make sure you have the employees you need to succeed.


Sentigy’s project-based recruiting services bring subject-matter expertise, methodology and proven tools to recruit effectively and efficiently. We work onsite or off, and utilize Sentigy Pathways to ensure your sourcing, screening, hiring and on-boarding processes are aligned with your business objectives.


With Sentigy, you will manage your recruiting costs while developing the team necessary to keep you competitive. Don’t let recruiting challenges hold you back.


Click here to learn more about our Project Based Recruiting services.

Recruitment Consulting

Building the appropriate recruitment skills within your organization is imperative if you’re going to be a top competitor. Using Sentigy Pathways to align the overall hiring plan to your business initiatives, Sentigy helps you develop the needed expertise, tools and staff to create an effective and efficient recruiting function. Our experience on both the corporate and the agency side lends a unique perspective that helps you understand how to find and recruit the best people in a way that supports your employment brand.


Let Sentigy help you create your desired recruitment posture by utilizing industry best practices and optimizing your dollars spent on recruitment.


  • Recruitment Optimization

  • Recruitment Technology Assessment


Click here to learn more about our Recruitment Consulting Services.




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