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Cybersecurity Consulting Services in Houston

Sentigy is a professional services company delivering high value solutions quickly and efficiently in a cost-effective manner. Utilizing industry best practices and the Sentigy Pathways framework and methodology, we provide metrics, methodology and experienced professionals to solve business problems.

Our areas of expertise include the following services, vital to any company's success:


  • Cybersecurity & Risk Management

  • Technology Infrastructure

  • Regulatory Compliance

  • Project Management

  • Recruitment Consulting



If you are serious about taking your business to the next level, take a tour of our site and

see what Sentigy can do for you today...and tomorrow.



Vulnerability Assessments
Penetration Testing
Risk Management
Technology Infrastructure
Project Management
Regulatory Compliance
Project Based Recruiting
Recruitment Consulting

Your vision is crystal clear. You know exactly where you want to take your company. But how will you get there? Every day, business managers make decisions that impact the direction of your organization. And if those decisions –the technology, people and processes– don’t align with your objectives, your business will slowly drift off-course.


Sentigy Pathways is a business alignment tool utilized by Sentigy consultants to pinpoint exactly where you are today and identify the correct path to take you where you want to go. Sentigy Pathways maps critical business elements such as technology and human capital with key corporate objectives. Sentigy Pathways is built on a knowledge base of industry best practices, you can be confident that decisions you make are based on proven real-world experience.


Established in January 2001, Sentigy is an employee-owned company headquartered in Houston, Texas and offering services nationwide. Sentigy’s work with leading organizations, public and private, has led to the company’s rapid growth.

Bringing standardized systems and measurement tools to consulting, we help organizations optimize their processes in the areas of technology and human capital, specializing in networking, cybersecurity, recruiting and regulatory compliance.  Our strengths are in the secure design, implementation and management of complex networks. Sentigy's extensive expertise, experience and project management focus ensures successful client engagements. 


We are the creator of Sentigy Pathways, a proprietary business optimization tool that provides a framework for measuring a company’s process maturity levels and identifying applicable solutions for specific vulnerabilities.


Sentigy was founded on the basics of “good business” - a great place to work and also a great company with which to do business.



At Sentigy, our philosophy is simple. Create a team of all “A” players. The best like to surround themselves with the best. Creating this stellar team allows us to service the client better than our competitors.


Our professionals are truly client-focused, and enjoy the opportunity and challenge to explore new industries and new complex problems on a regular basis. This broad work exposure, coupled with continual training, ensures that our professionals have leading edge expertise to offer to our client base.


Our “A” Players are:

  • Innovative

  • Client Focused

  • Willing to do what it takes

  • Enthusiastic


We embrace "do it now!" Although we are a high-growth company, we work hard to keep out the red tape that can kill creativity. We are guided by "abundance-mentality." We believe there is enough success, good work, and financial reward for everybody. Come help us build it.

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Sentigy, Inc.
Three Riverway, Suite 1430 
Houston, Texas 77056
voice: 713-481-3340

fax:  713-965-0526

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